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HR Muzic
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My name is Heather and this site is all about what I can do for you. I promote for the following:

-Special Events
I love music, music, music, etc.  you get the idea. Anyways I have been doing propmotions in San Diego now for the past year or more and I now feel like I really have something to contribute to up and coming bands.  I would love to talk to you in person to really get a feel for the band as well as scope out and see if the band is truly dedicated to take it all the way!! At this time, while talking to you I will discuss the pricing and you can then decide whether or not my services will benefit you at all!!

**Serving all of Southern CA.**

For Further info please contact me at


or Please Call: VM: (619)-243-6783 or HM: (619)-293-0370
I look forward to speaking with you


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